LED+LCD Security Monitoring Solution


The quantity of security control signal and screen signal is numerous yet the display area is restricted for small - and medium sized security monitoring center, as a result, they usually adopt LED+LCD solution to achieve best visual effect, since LCD can display various field signals, computer graphics and text signals, while LED can make analysis and response to targeted signals to realize real-time monitoring and centralized dispatching according to given command.

Solution Features

    ​a.    ​Integration

    ​Set up centralized control system to control the display system and peripheral devices. User-friendly operating interface enables real-time control to all devices by     ​touching the control terminal.

    ​b.    ​Management control

    ​Central control terminal support network division control and multi-user operation. Users can operate the screen by one mouse or keyboard. In addition, operators     ​also can do remote control and interactive control by software settings.  

    ​c.    ​Multi-signal display

    ​The screen control software support signal image window and application window, operations of different display terminals ( LED and LCD), including window     ​    ​    ​switching, property setting, free zooming, overlaying as well as free moving.

    ​d.    ​Pre-planning management

    ​Scene pre-planning management refers to scene and pre-plans setting, storing and managing, which facilitate editing, saving, modifying, deleting and pre-arranging     ​of the plans (including modular setting of size and position of the display window).The software support “short-cut’ key and timing function, it can also do automatic     ​display when emergency occurs.


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