A Plug and Play LED TV


A revolution in both LED and TV industries.

industry and TV industry

16:9 standard resolution with cable-less design and
remote control access. It is both Ultra Slim and Light.

Ultra slim and convenient

Die-casting aluminum cabinet, ultra light and slim with 87mm thickness
30cm height adjustable gives you a better viewing experience

Flexible design

Modular design facilitates installation and transportation

Efficient maintenance

Magnet attached module, with front access feature,
built-in hot plug,to ensure efficient maintenance.

≥3840HZ      16bit     5000:1

Refresh Rate                 Grey Level        Contrast Ratio

Nano-second display

Nano-second response system has the capability
to match the refresh rate and the shutter
speed of professional camera when display.

Other brands


Intelligent interface

Integrated control and display system, compatible with all interfaces of LCD TV,
support VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP and other mainstream interface.
Support on/off with remote control, OSD menu operation.




​ Item
Cabinet Resolution (pixels)
Cabinet Size(mm)
UTVⅡ110〞2K UTVⅡ138〞2K UTVⅡ165〞2K UTVⅡ165〞4K
480×270 384×216 320×180 640×360
W2510×H1997×D500 W3058×H2326×D553 W3667×H2566×D541 W3667×H2566×D541
Die - casting Aluminum Die - casting Aluminum Die - casting Aluminum Die - casting Aluminum
800 800 800 600
138 170 245 245

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