A True 16:9 LED Display Unit

High definition display

The world's first golden 16:9 ratio standard cabinet, which is in line with human
eye pupil ratio 2K, 4K and 8k compatible

High grey scale under low brightness

Other brands


Wide viewing angle

Vertical 165° / Horizontal 165° to reach a wider audience

Ultra slim and light enable fast maintenance

Die -casting aluminum cabinet that is ultra-light and slim,
which facilitate maintenance

Color temperature adjustable from 2000K to 9300K

Low radiation and noiseless

Passed EMC-class B standed, noiseless to
ensure slient environment




Cabinet Resolution (pixels)
Cabinet Size(mm)
Upanel0.9 Upanel1.2 Upanel1.5 Upanel1.9
640×360 480×270 384×216 320×180
W609.92×H343.08×D75 W609.92×H343.08×D75 W609.92×H343.08×D75 W609.92×H343.08×D75
Die - casting Aluminum Die - casting Aluminum Die - casting Aluminum

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