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High Protective & High ROI

Scratch-resistant Surface

Improve the crashworthiness of modules
Avoid scratch on LED surface
Less maintenance cost

ABS Technology

No black screen thanks to ABS (Advanced Back-up of Sharing) technology

Note: ABS cable needs to be connected for this function

Multiple Use - Dance Floor Function

Loading Capability: 2 tons/㎡

Note: dance floor function only apply to UGM04

U-Shield Protection- Wireless Connection

7kg per panel convenient for handling
Fast lock capable for one-person installing


Magnetic modules
Total rear maintenance


  Compatible modules at any position
Compatible cabinet frame and HUB card of UGM series
Compatible cables for indoor & outdoor
Compatible lock and power supply with GslimS series

Easy of Use

Back cover is locked by hasps without screws
Downward 45°direction of aviation connectors is convenient for wiring


Hanging InstallationStacking Installation




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