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Innovative Installation of NPP(Narrow Pixel Pitch)Upanel in Italian Sky TV Station


Sky Calcio (Sky Soccer), a famous sport show in Italian Sky TV Station, recently has reached a good partnership with Unilumin. On August 19, 2018, Sky Italia in Milano opened their yearly football sport season, a traditional show that includes live sport and technical analysis of the sport event. By now, there’s a new addition to the stage. Cooperated with Video progetti SRL, one of the world’s largest flown of Unilumin's Upanel resolution LED wall, with large number of LED tiles have been installed successfully.


Why does Italian Sky TV Station choose Unilumin?

Generally speaking, the "secret weapon" of Unilumin is the technological disruptive innovation, the strict quality control, and the ability of meeting deadline even in such complex and demanding project like the Sky Calcio Show. Apart from the product, the innovative installation of curved LED screen matters a lot.


Upanel, a popular product from Unilumin NPP series, has passed the EMC-class B standard with the latest technology of low radiation and noiseless technology to ensure the super silent environment for customers.


We interviewed the program director and learned more about the project details.

“From a production standpoint, the Unilumin Upanel LED wall opens up worlds of creative possibilities for shows and events that will use the Sky studio venue from this point forward. In the sport entertainment industry, producers and production designers are beginning to use Unilumin LED walls to increase the quality of their story telling and to augment the “physical” scenery that is traditionally used, and this new LED wall places Sky Italia at the forefront of the new virtual scenery trend with an outstanding clarity.


“From an engineering standpoint, its ability to create curved and angled designs makes it ideal for use in large-scale TV stations, exhibition environments and festival/touring applications alike. This amazing installation is as remarkable as the visuals results; it is exactly what we desire for.


“The support from Unilumin throughout the process from evaluation through to purchase and to after-sales service all has been fantastic.”


At Unilumin, we think the partnership is far more than a word or a signature on a purchase order, and Unilumin is always delivering the bright outcomes and experiences for every customer worldwide.

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